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More about Four

Posted : 5 days, 21 hours ago on 16 December 2014 07:37 (A review of Four: A Divergent Collection)

I like Four. I liked him in Divergent trilogy and I like him either now. But I'm not convinced about this book. With prologues is always one of the biggest problem - aren't particularly surprising, because everyone knows what happened next, and a lot of things from the past, it was already mentioned. And so it was in this case.

The whole 'Divergent' trilogy was for me very interesting and I really wanted to know what was before, so the first part of the book, when we meet Tobias, before he meets Tris was pretty cool, but there wasn't a lot of things we haven't know from Divergent. And when the action began to overlap with Divergent, it got boring. I expect that I will know more thoughts and feelings Four, but everything was there such a barren and obvious that I have a feeling unsatisfied.

I think that the book didn't bring much to Four characteristics, and to complete the entire trilogy didn't bring almost nothing.
I rate for seven only for the sake of sentiment to Four. The whole deserves in fact fetched six.

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Journey into the world of youth and courage

Posted : 1 week ago on 14 December 2014 04:20 (A review of Night Is For Hunting (The Tomorrow Series, Book 6))

“It seems like suffering's the only time we can see what's essential.”

The sixth part of series. Five friends still hiding in main character grandmother's house. In young people are born instincts and behavior, which previously had no idea - a desire to help the youngest members of society, which are devoid of families are hiding in their area.

Whole of course is full of action, which is quite abstract, as in the previous parts and I don’t know if it doesn’t begin to irritate me. The release of the children at the hands of soldiers, daring action deliverance Homer using motorcycle, fighting with eight soldiers in the mountains... I was wondering if the characters of this book are not accidentally bulletproof. They have lucky, it’s fact, but the bullets flying around, there is a lot of dead bodies (in the ranks of the enemy of course), and they always come out alive. I'm not saying that in every part has one of them die, but I miss some time drama of this whole war situation. But I’m able to blind eye on what annoys me, because the whole is a really interesting and above all, a wise position for youth, contains so many thoughts and relevant conclusions, which really missing in contemporary youth literature.

Also Australian strangeness of nature adds a lot of atmosphere, which I haven’t mentioned even once wrote reviews from previous parts.

Now left for me with sadness reach for the last part of this incredible journey into the world of youth and courage, and I hope that I say goodbye to this book with a huge regret and tears.

“When it's all said and done, the only thing that matter in life are so damn simple. Family, friends. being safe and well. I think before the war a lot of people got sucked in by the crap on TV. They thought having the right shoes or the right jeans or the right car really mattered. Boy were we ever dumb.”

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Fifty shades of irritation

Posted : 1 week, 3 days ago on 11 December 2014 11:32 (A review of Fifty Shades Darker)

After a little break, which I filled out a bit more concrete literature, I came back to this saga, to see what happens next. I prepared myself mentally for it, or so I thought.

After reading the chapter number one, I realized it would be a difficult passage, because already in the first twenty pages appeared everything that annoyed me in the previous part, namely, after five days of torment returned from sleep inner goddess, lots of expressive shouting of the main character and Christian still over and over with this food... Additionally... five days? After such a spectacular break-up? ... and no more thoughts about their relationship, a box of flowers, helicopter flight and they indulge in desire again, again he is imperious, jealous, and she, of course, undergoes to him... I expected that, although give him in the snout, or at least her legs not softened right away, and nothing of these things... I guess she liked subconsciously spanked in the previous part :D And all this took place only 20 pages! Well... apparently life flows rapidly, you cann’t waste time, and I said A, so I had to say B and I waded into this further.

And then... the same thing over and over (he lifts her head, the goddess is doing weird things, overturning eyes, he is handsome and smells good, she is so pure and innocent, etc.), arguing about some bullshit, they have classic sex, sex with ice cream, and then she on top, and again... he puts her balls, all the time thinking about fucking, spanking and then he takes her from behind, then again classic, and again she on top, then at the bottom... do various other little interesting things.... No, boredom at its worst! Lots of hopeless dialogues about nothing, some seeds of side quests, even criminal, that disappear quickly as a fart in the wind...

I finish with this. Now I'm 100% sure that I don’t read the next part. Don’t even want to know how it will end, or they will live happily ever after, or long and unhappy or maybe he will die, or maybe both of them die, or his finger or other object stuck in her ass... I don’t care.

But I’m still of the opinion that the whole story had potential and could be something really brilliant, if not this awful language that effectively rejected me.

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We’re home already

Posted : 1 week, 5 days ago on 9 December 2014 06:57 (A review of Burning For Revenge (The Tomorrow Series, Book 5))

Spoiler, shows the ending!

The fifth part of the story about young people struggling with the new reality for them, during the invasion foreign forces in Australia.

Since the beginning of the war has passed a year, from eight friends left five, still trying to survive, but also do something to don’t be idle observers of this war, especially after the New Zealand refused to grant them asylum. Still rely on themselves, their courage, they decide to do something really big and dangerous. They struggle with the fear, are playing with death.

The first part of the book is bursting with action, which is also described interestingly enough, that sometimes I feel like I'm the participant in the events. Despite the slight absurdity of the whole situation at the airport, precisely this part after all made the time spent with this book was interesting, action kept in suspense until the end. Later, it became a little less interesting, but same ending the book was really surprising, it shows that you can never be sure of the behavior of others.

In addition, I am glad that these young people in some way reconciled with the fact that the reality in which they stuck since year is now their reality, they give up the luxury of safety and willingly decided to stay in their home country, to make for it even more.

“We’re home already.”

I’m very curious what will happen next.

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You can’t live for nothing

Posted : 2 weeks, 2 days ago on 5 December 2014 11:58 (A review of Darkness Be My Friend (The Tomorrow Series, Book 4))

The next part of this fascinating and incredibly instructive adventure behind me. Although I don't know if you can call it an adventure... rather a struggle for survival in the cruel world with not losing yourself in this whole situation.

The characters are experiencing more and more dilemmas regarding the war and regarding his behavior. They are tired, physically and mentally exhausted, they want the war ended, while desperately want to not be in all this idle observers. Trying to survive and not lose the spirit, even when things don't go their way, and the rest of the world doesn't have them too much to offer.

This part of the book, despite my fears, didn't share the schemes of the previous parts, bringing in a lot of new and I'm really curious what will happen next.

“It's good to keep changing your mind. It shows you're thinking. I'll only stop changing my mind when I'm dead. And maybe not even then.”

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Small people can do great things

Posted : 2 weeks, 5 days ago on 2 December 2014 05:07 (A review of The Third Day, The Frost)

When I found the five parts of this series in the library, I was happy and after reading the first one, I thought: "good, I didn’t have to buy it." After reading the second part I began to regret it, and after reading the third - my grief has reached the pinnacle. In addition in my library doesn’t have the last two parts !!!

It’s possible that this book isn’t perfect, it’s possible that the actions of these young people aren’t particularly realistic, that is a lot of coincidences and happy fortunes, but the thoughts contained in it - breathtaking beaches.

“I remembered the poem Robyn had in her bedroom at Wirrawee, the one about the person saying how when she looked back along the beach she saw two sets of footprints, hers and God’s, except at the tough times, when there was only one set of footprints. And she says to God, “How come at the times when I most needed you, you weren’t there”? And God answers, “My child, I was there. Those footprints were mine; I made them when I carried you”.

At first I was very skeptical, began to duplicate the schema of the previous parts (no forces, idleness, boredom, gather yourself together and attack). Later, however, everything changed and happened something really unexpected and even after this event was very easy to predict the ending, which in light of the fact that there are still 4 parts wasn’t all that difficult, but ending... I had been stuck in the chair and began to cry. I don’t remember when I cried while reading a book... This feeling was so strong that I cann’t describe it, and even now I don’t know what else I can add... Just give ten stars.

“You have to believe in something.”

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Future is a blank sheet of paper

Posted : 3 weeks, 3 days ago on 27 November 2014 09:03 (A review of The Dead Of Night (The Tomorrow Series))

“What's the Future? It's a blank sheet of paper, and we draw lines on it, but sometimes our hand is held, and the lines we draw aren't the lines we wanted.”

I have to admit that this book was really moving, and at the same time so ordinary in their simplicity. Very human characters, perhaps a little idealized, but real. Each of us could certainly identify with one of them in some way.

This part of the book even more presents moral dilemmas of young people in the face of war, all the hard decisions that they have to take, it’s about fear, about courage. In the hearts of these young people uncertainty arises, which in the face of war and the ensuing death and killing, is good and what is bad, how to behave, how to be a hero, and don’t lose at the same time humanity and do the right thing. Simultaneously they are struggling with their youth, hormones, emotions, experiencing their first, not perfect, but clumsy and uncertain sexual contact (Yes, young people having sex too! Which missing in many books about young people, where they spend a lot of nights together, snuggling and look each other in the eyes. I’m not saying that from books for young people doing porn, but let's be realistic, young people also love each other and also comes to sexual relations, and not only for kisses).

There are a couple of nonsense in this book, sometimes strikes amazing intelligence of these young people, seems to that they know everything about everything. A little irritating partisan actions carried out by them, the headquarters of foreign armed forces so poorly guarded. I hope that this will not happen in the next parts, that this frail group of people will save the whole Australia. But I think that their actions may finally lead to the creation some larger resistance movement, if it doesn’t there yet.

Overall, I think it is really worth to know this story.

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I don’t make love. I fuck… hard

Posted : 3 weeks, 5 days ago on 25 November 2014 11:57 (A review of Fifty Shades Of Grey)

Spoilers and vulgarisms zone!!! :D

A touching story of a young, rich and beautiful man with a complex personality, who loves to dominate in every area of their life, and about sensitive virgin, who loves to read serious British literature and who, despite appearances, is a very naughty girl, because she washed her teeth with his toothbrush. Both indulge in their desire and fly away by helicopter into the sunset to his house with designer bath and rococo bed to give up the pleasures of the body and fuck hard.

He is a master of fucking with abandon, she gets wet whenever he looks at her, she bites her lip, and her inner goddess dancing and doing various other strange things.

My inner goddess (if such a thing exists, because I don’t have confidence and evidence) laughs loudly at me now, because I gave yourself be tempted to read this book. I missed the phenomenon of "Twilight", perhaps because of my innate aversion to vampires and werewolves, but here, curiosity won, even though the "romance" of this kind are not to my taste.

The book really fast to read, from the beginning to the first sex passed quickly, even I was surprised when it happened and how many pages it has already passed. It took me a whole one day.

Generally speaking, it was a porn with a storyline, and sometimes I feel that this storyline is pushed just because that was something between sexual intercourse. And finally, this sex, which in the book is a lot... I tried to put myself in the erotic contacts of the main characters, and each time when I almost succeeded appeared some stupid thought of the main character in the style: "holy shit" or "Ha! My inner goddess is thrilled. I can do this. I can fuck him with my mouth.” And, unfortunately, every time this frail nucleus of my excitement was extinguished and not returning for a long time. Moreover, I think that the triangle Christian, Ana and her inner goddess is not acceptable!

When I have come to the conclusion that even sex in this book is not able to turn me on, then maybe I will focus on the complexity of Grey, on his many faces, I get into his story, the story of a fifteen-year boy who was submissive mature woman... But nothing, absolutely nothing wasn’t able to reverse my attention from the hyperactive excitement main character, and its constantly recurring shouts: "wow", "holy crap", "holy cow", "holy hell," "holy fuck" and the aforementioned "holy shit".

Summary of "holy" expressions of the first 74 pages:

“Holy cow – he’s so young.”
“holy crap, he’s so arrogant.”
“Holy crap – what was that?”
“Holy crap. What the hell is he doing here”
“I halt at his expression, his eyes darkening. Holy cow.”
„Holy Crap! He’s wearing a white shirt”
“Holy hell… what’s this about?”
“Holy crap, that’s personal.”
„Holy shit. He’s remembering the ‘gay’ question.”
“Holy crap - I just said that out loud?”
“Holy shit - they are first editions.”
“Holy crap, did I just call Christian Grey?”
“Holy crap. I pull my jeans up.”
“Holy fuck… he’s going to kiss me.”
“Holy shit! Christian Grey, he’s here.”
“Holy Moses, I’m in his arms again.”
“Holy cow – he’s leading me onto the dance floor.”
“Holy crap. I’m in the Heathman hotel…”
“No socks. No jeans. Holy shit.”
“Holy hell, he’s been working out.”
“Holy crap – my mouth dries.”
“Holy shit. What does that mean?”
“Holy shit. His other hand grabs my ponytail”
“Holy hell, is this his life,”
“Holy shit, what has he got in store for me?”
“Holy shit. It’s bad, really bad”
“Holy shit. Did I just say that?”
“Holy shit, that sounds so… hot.”
“We’re talking about cheese… Holy crap.”

Yeah, this is really a lot…

Even if this story was in itself a potential, had to be really strong erotic position, this awful language certainly destroyed everything. For the first nine chapters of reading was even funny, it’s impossible to count how many times the main character led me to laugh, then laugh replaced irritation.

In total, I have nothing more to write. One more note... at a time when women are excited by men like Christian and vampire Edward is probably really hard to be ordinary average man, who doesn’t shine, don’t live forever and isn’t rich beautiful Adonis with a complex inside and the specific sexual preference. You have heavy task, modern men, heavy, requirements suspended so damn high.

And now my inner goddess dancing hula with a sardonic smile and biting his lip and back to reading books about more affordable topics.

Did I read the next parts? I don’t know what is worse, to wade into this more deeply, or not know the ending. The question to think about.

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If I cannot inspire love, I will cause fear!

Posted : 4 weeks ago on 23 November 2014 02:03 (A review of Frankenstein: or The Modern Prometheus)

I think it's certainly a masterpiece of literature.

Until now, I was in love with the film adaptation of Kenneth Branagh, now I think it was a good adaptation, I have certainly refresh it.

The book says a lot about feelings and emotions, this is definitely not horror, only the work describing the desires that direct human. The only downside for me, this damn language, full of sublime and strange words to present what could be summarized in a few sentences and the overlong descriptions of nature... I know, I know, Romantics excites the nature and this type of things that for me are boring and irrelevant. I like fast-paced action, concise dialogues, no bullshit. Returning to the rating, even though I don't like this epoch, I read this book with great interest and fascination, and I think it's really innovative.

“There is something at work in my soul, which I do not understand.”

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I spent my life folded between the pages of books

Posted : 4 weeks ago on 23 November 2014 01:49 (A review of Shatter Me)

I don't know what happened. I'm now very involved in dysyopia theme, so I reached for this book. The entire 'Shatter Me' series had the best reviews of all the dystopia books (except Hunger Games of course) on the Polish literary portal. Unfortunately, I'm very disappointed.

For the first half of the book takes place romance, dystopia story is brought almost to the irrelevant background, there is only waiting, when the main characters consummate their love (which of course isn't happening :D). Later, the story gains momentum until the whole turns out to be a kind of X-Men :((. Besides too large dose of romance, silly dialogue, and quite poor vision of the world, the whole book reads very easily and quickly, I finished in two days.

After all, I give seven stars because intrigue me some issues, including why Adam and Warner can touch Juliet and I hope that this will be interesting resolved in the next part of the book. I give a chance.

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