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All men are brothers in the night

Posted : 16 hours, 29 minutes ago on 4 March 2015 06:12 (A review of The Desert Spear (The Demon Cycle, Book 2))

I must admit that I liked very much. "Desert Spear" hasn’t done on me such a great impression as "The Painted Man," but the world created by the author is really interesting and engaging.

Humanity constantly struggling with the plague of demons, arising after dark from planet’s core. In the first part of the book we get to know closer the residents of Krasia, their customs, tribal divisions, their faith, and in particular Jardir’s history from his youngest years. We are members of his training as a warrior, and his first and subsequent meetings with Arlen, and all the facts which led to event, that Jardir in "The Painted Man" has decided to pick up Arlen’s spear and call themselves the Deliverer. This part was the hardest for me to assimilate. Much Krasia naming, which was difficult, but over time has created a unique atmosphere and it was definitely worth to know the Jardir’s history, which I hated, for what he did, and now I hate him equally strongly, but at least I understand :) Later we go back to Arlen and his friends. There is also a Renna thread, which made me very happy. Her subsequent history was probably the most shocking part of the book for me.

In the second half of the book to the villages in the North is coming more and more refugees from areas occupied by men of Krasia, finally confronted the people of the desert with the people of the North, which results in more interesting complexities. Renna thread is still interesting continue and lead to a great finish. I also enjoyed the more frequent occurrence of the Mind demons and Mimic demons, which certainly has introduced a breath of fresh air to the whole story, and a bit of concern that despite the powerful war runes, the fight against demons will not be so simple and obvious. If previously men of Krasia and people from North not kill each other... There were also more Arlen, and I must admit that this is my favorite character in this story.

I really like, that in this whole story, we don’t get everything at once, there are many threads are jumps in time, we very accurately know the main characters, it all makes us look forward with bated breath on the course of events. Also, a world that is very accurately described, makes me feel a participant, every appearance of demons was scary, every single event was very lively and almost real. What can I write more... I like this story, puts me in a really unusual world, and that I expect from the book.

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You have to carry the fire

Posted : 2 days, 14 hours ago on 2 March 2015 07:48 (A review of The Road)

“People were always getting ready for tomorrow. I didn't believe in that. Tomorrow wasn't getting ready for them. It didn't even know they were there.”

What can I say about "The Road"... was a long, sad, rather monotonous, and generally I've been waiting for the moment when they will end. Some things I liked and others made me bored out.

Pluses - definitely cruel and very grim vision of the world, I felt encompassing emptiness and fear of the characters before each day. A few scenes made me shiver... especially one at which I really felt how cruel people can be in the face of hunger and desire to survive. Quite touching father-son relationship. If the author had in mind calling the feeling of dejection while reading, he hit the nail.

Minuses, which had an impact on the fact that I rate this book as judge - a terrible monotony, day after day dragged mercilessly, all was mingled together, gray, emptiness, ash, cold, man and son swathed in blankets, looking for food, their fear of any form that they meet on the road, very terse dialogues, short, often several times about the same. Very little happens during a really long way.

But in comparison to the movie, which I saw in the past and barely watched to the end, the book was a whole lot better.

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Stories are wild creatures

Posted : 6 days, 13 hours ago on 26 February 2015 08:43 (A review of A Monster Calls: Inspired by an idea from Siobhan Dowd)

„The monster showed up just after midnight. As they do.”

At the outset, I must mention that I ordered this item on the Internet and what was my surprise when I unpacked at home delivery! The book was just beautiful! I couldn’t stop touching it, stroking and browse. Wonderful thick white pages, no yellowed from shit. In addition, the whole enriched with illustrations by Jim Kay, which added the character of all events, and made the book jumps to entirely another level, it will be a real decoration of each bookcase.

The book was short, but very rich in content. Story of a boy, Conor, who lives in a world where he must embrace at an early age a lot of things at once, parental divorce, serious illness of his mother, disappointment regarding the friend, not an easy existence among his peers at school. He has nightmares. One night Monster visits him, who in spite of all the erroneous beliefs about Monsters, it isn’t so bad...

“What you think is not important. It is only important what you do.”

Stories like this everyone treats in their own way. Moved me deeply, stepped back to childhood and re-experiencing my own story, my own loss. This story came in me and exploded somewhere inside, I had a desire to run out at night on the street, talking to the trees, down on my knees and shout: "Mom, why? Mom, come back !!”

And now I don’t know what more I could add... Just worth it to read this book. From today I will be really closely monitored this author, because so far, both this story and the beginning of the Chaos Walking trilogy were great.

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Walk or die

Posted : 1 week, 6 days ago on 19 February 2015 10:10 (A review of The Long Walk)

I had very high expectations about this book. Whole didn’t disappoint me, but not left a big 'wow' or any other great affection. The book was just good.

I accompanied these boys from the start to the end, sometimes with more and sometimes with less interest. I must admit that I pulled up the strongest at the end, it remains few friends that we got to know through the entire book and then grew tension and expectation, of what really happens and how The Long Walk will end. Then we got to know some of the reasons which motivated the characters by notifying to the Long Walk, their concerns and their fear.

Earlier, despite the omnipresent death, everything was presented devoid of any feeling, as if all those people really were characterized by insensitivity to death, every minute another participant walked away, just like that, fell like a tree beside the road, and life went on, and the audience clapped and cheered. This caused a thrill on the skin and the true horror.

Why I’m not fully satisfied? I missed some origins, a more detailed description of the world in which The Long Walk is the largest entertainment for the people living there, a more detailed description of the reasons, why young people voluntarily going to die. I missed the competition, struggle these young people to survive, I thought that the dramatic situation triggers the wildest instincts in them, and that not only the soldiers with weapons will be a threat to them, but also themselves. And a little disappointing ending. At the finish the action took place too quickly. I haven’t felt this, as I should.

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Catch me if you can

Posted : 2 weeks ago on 18 February 2015 07:57 (A review of The Running Man)

2025. The world was dominated by free TV and brutal game shows, people are clearly divided into the rich, with everything, and the poor who live in extreme poverty. The atmosphere is contaminated, among the poorest spread all kinds of respiratory diseases, which often lead to death, because people don’t have the money for doctors. From this world comes Ben Richards. Ben goes to a game show in which the reward is a lot of money, and losing is death. And all because, in order to obtain funds for the treatment of a sick daughter.

I have to admit that the book disappointed me a little. It was supposed to be 'Running Man', life on the edge, chases, tension from beginning to end, a lot of dead bodies, that's all it was, to some extent, but not enough. I didn’t feel satisfaction and I haven’t read this book with bated breath and mouth open.

World of the future presented by the author - quite current. But there was some confusion futuristic with normality. TV and game shows - definitely yes, with this I can agree, now on a daily basis is sex, alcohol and partying in entertainment programs, it’s possible that in 10 years it will be killing. Let's go for it! Air contaminated, cars floating above the ground - quite fascinating. But to all this the old reality, tapes sent by post? Please... I know, I know that the book was written a long time ago, but if we have flying cars, the connectivity and communication it could be somehow push into a new era. I couldn’t 'empathize' in this world.

But I liked the main character. Naughty, curious. And brilliant ending! (maybe except guts, which came out of the abdomen). Read quite easily and quickly.

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He is nothing. The mission is everything.

Posted : 3 weeks ago on 11 February 2015 10:26 (A review of Boy Nobody)

It was a feeling. When I read the description and saw the cover, I couldn’t forget about this book and all the time swelled in me the desire that I must have it. And I got it and I read in one day and it was fun and I don’t regret. Well, maybe just the fact that it ended so quickly.

Has long since I haven’t read the book so easily, so quickly and with great interest. Short chapters, which for me is a plus, because I like to finish reading together at the end of the chapter, and not long, combined with an interesting action meant, that I was reaching for this book in any my free time. Maybe this isn’t the literature and history of the highest caliber, but sucks like hell and it’s impossible to be bored.

The story about Ben, a boy who after the death of his parents was recruited and trained by the Program on effective weapon for special tasks (to eliminate uncomfortable units). Boy who was devoid from feelings, became a machine, for which there is only a job and nothing more... but are you sure? Is there a place for feelings and memories?

He is nothing. The mission is everything.

When 'she' appears, starts doing a really interesting and I already had in my head contrived the end of this story. I thought that the appearance of 'her' can only lead to one solution. But the book really surprising, ending which I wasn’t expecting.

In summary - an interesting main character, I think everyone at least once in his life wanted to be some kind of secret agent, an interesting narrative, quite rough, a bit naughty, a lot of action, great for me.

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He, she and the story straight from Frankenstein

Posted : 3 weeks ago on 11 February 2015 09:58 (A review of Marina)

I don’t have much to write here.

There were moments that I loved it, especially at the beginning and at the end. And in the meantime, I felt desire that share speed up and finally ended. As I mentioned at the reviews on "Shadow of the Wind", not especially like narrated life stories when different people tell lengthy monologues and action moving forward in this way, and perhaps because I got bored here.

Regarding the content, I didn’t feel too much emotion, it was a little horror, a little bit of Frankenstein, but beyond that for me nothing that especially interested me. All a matter of taste, I suppose.

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The world is a never-ending loop

Posted : 3 weeks, 5 days ago on 6 February 2015 09:16 (A review of Sapphique (Incarceron))

“He had wanted so hard to Escape, to find the stars. And all he had found was a new prison.”

After reading "Incarceron", which was very interesting, I had to reach for the continuation. And I have to admit that the whole thing was comparable to the first part. The same thing caught my attention and the same meant that I not rate this position higher. History is certainly remarkable, can find here elements of many genres, from sci-fi, through fantasy and adventure, it’s a mystery, is tension, only missing any stronger outlined romantic thread. The whole really impresses, but still appeared, at least for me, trouble witch imagining some places and situations, and still think, that the descriptions of the characters leave some unsatisfied.

What is in this part? Finn escaped from prison, dreamed about it for the whole stay inside, he finally saw the stars, but Outside didn’t meet fully his expectations, went to the Kingdom where people live in harmony with the Protocol on the model of past epochs, a world of intrigue, lies and illusions, where only the richest and those who have the power, they have everything. And poor? They have absolutely nothing. When the Queen playing in the old days, they live in them.

Finn cann’t believe that came from one prison to another and in addition left inside his blood brother, which after The Warden intrigue cann’t get out, and now at all costs he’s looking the exit. Meanwhile, prison, as self-sufficient being, living his life and puts his own plan.

What is the truth about that world?

The end of and the answer for this question may not be fantastic, but certainly worth exploring. I certainly recommend this book. I wasn't bored.

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Take down the walls

Posted : 1 month ago on 1 February 2015 04:40 (A review of Requiem (Delirium))

“There are some losses we never get over.”

I don’t know if I like this whole story. There were moments when I was terribly bothered, even to the extent that being in the middle of the book I reached for another book, I found myself even that my thoughts wandered far away and I couldn’t focus on the content presented in this book . At the end of the story definitely gaining momentum and is less boring.

Revolutionary moods are growing, the people from Wild are ready to revolt, in all of this Lena and her emotional dilemmas, which boy she loves more... It's good that Hana returned to the pages of the book, because I miss her a little in the previous part. But again, just like when I read "Delirium" I had the feeling that everything is obvious, it's very easy to predict what will happen. The only thing that surprised me, it’s a confession of Hana, about what she did, and besides, nothing more.

In addition... terribly disappointing ending: "take down the walls"... but what's next? as for me, this story is not complete, everything was left to unexplained, what with Lena and Julian? What about Hana? Too many questions unanswered.

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Underground, the stars are legend

Posted : 1 month ago on 29 January 2015 07:56 (A review of Incarceron (Incarceron, Book 1))

“Because I have dreams and in those dreams I see the stars”

I wasn’t sure if I want to read this book, but after reading the description several times I decided to try it.

The beginning wasn’t amazing for me and it was hard to pull into presented world and events, but the further was more interesting and at one moment I just disappeared.

The author describes the world of the future, where after Years of Isolation a large part of the population was closed in a specially constructed prison, called Incarceron. The prison is so powerful that it can safely be considered as the second world, fully mechanized and self-sufficient. However, the main character, Finn, living in this world for three years and doing visions, he remembers snippets of the past, which was outside the prison and saw stars. Most of the other residents of the prison believes that the Outside doesn’t exist, others that exit were sealed and you cann’t leave it or get to it, the majority, except Finn and some of his friends, who, after finding the key and with the hope that the legend about Sapphique, supposedly the only prisoner who managed to escape, they set off in search of the exit.

Meanwhile, in the Outside people live the example of the former Ages, and any technique is prohibited by the Protocol. In this world live Claudia, who will soon be married to the prince, whether she wants it or not. Claudia is so fascinating, that although afraid of his father, opposed him, and with his teacher, Jared, explore Incarceron topic. Finally Claudia also finds the key, through which can connect to the second key and then a whole really is gaining momentum.

The book is interesting, it may have some shortcomings, perhaps descriptions of some of the places and characters leave much to be desired, but certainly the story is good, and the world created by the author - a remarkable, both Prison and Outside. There are many questions before the reader, many secrets, I’m not able to predict everything 100%, and I like it, when there is a surprise, I love the feeling when nothing is obvious, when I worry about the fate of the characters, and here it was so.

Who is Sapphique? Is he exists? Is the legend about his escape are true? Where is Incarceron? And most importantly, is there a way out of it?

In addition, the book, even though it shows the world of the future, and the characters are young, it’s far from all youth dystopian, reminded me the old adventure movies in the style of The Goonies, it’s not a typical love story, which occupies a large part of the story, is more about friendship, about the pursuing a goal, about searching for answers.

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